I obtained a BSc with first class honours in Intelligent Systems and Computing from Oxford Brookes University, and a PhD in Computer Science from Keele University. My appointment as a teaching-focused academic at the University of Liverpool recognises my extensive experience in teaching and administration in the higher education sector.

I was previously a senior teaching fellow at the University of Surrey, lecturer at Keele University, and have worked as an IT consultant specialising in web development, user experience design, virtual worlds, and database optimisation. I am a member of the Chartered Institute for IT and the Institution of Engineering & Technology.


I'm the coordinator of the following modules in the 2019/20 academic year. I am also a supervisor and examiner for both undergraduate and postgraduate projects in the department.

  • COMP282  •  Advanced Object-Oriented C Languages
  • COMP335  •  Communicating Computer Science
  • COMP390  •  Honours Year Project


My role in general is to support the teaching activities of the department and ensure all students have the best possible chance to achieve their full potential.

Department Duties

I perform the following admin duties within the department

  • Director of Studies for MEng Computer Science with Education
  • Assistant Director of Studies for Online MSc Programmes
  • Computer Science Outreach Coordinator
  • BCS Accreditation Coordinator
  • Teaching Excellence Framework Coordinator

Committees & Boards

I'm a member of the following committees and boards within the department and wider faculty

  • Undergraduate Progression Board
  • Undergraduate Board of Examiners
  • Undergraduate Board of Studies
  • Undergraduate Module Review Board
  • Online Board of Examiners
  • Online Board of Studies
  • Curriculum Board
  • TASC Group (Teaching and Scholarship in Computing)
  • Recruitment, Outreach and Public Relations Committee
  • Faculty Outreach Group


Big Data & Visualisation

Developing novel techniques for sifting huge quantities of data, and working out how to best visualise and present that data through innovative user interfaces. Using virtual and augmented reality for data visualisation and manipulation.

Social Impact of the Internet

Exploring the way in which society has been changed by the connected world. Social media as a force for change. The impact of online news and social media on people's perception of the world around them.

Computing Pedagogy

Techniques and approaches for teaching programming and fundamental concepts to less able students and those new to the subject. Best practice in the use of VLEs, online learning, distance learning and new approaches to CPD provision.

Virtual Worlds & Games Engines

Using Second Life, Opensim and other virtual environments as teaching tools. Investigating the feasibility of teaching programming via games mods, development kits (such as the Creation Kit for Skyrim) and other games engines. Use of virtual and augmented reality in an educational setting.


I spend a lot of time preparing and delivering outreach activities. It's enormously important to inspire and motivate new generations of pupils to study STEM subjects, particularly computing, since technology is so ingrained into modern society. Within the department I coordinate our Computer Science Taster Days for Year 10 pupils, and our residential Headstart Summer School for aspirational Year 12 pupils.

Taster Days

These incredibly popular events give pupils an insight into what it's like to study at university, while also helping to deliver some key aspects of the National Curriculum in Computing.

Headstart Summer School

Each summer we are joined by highly motivated pupils from across the UK, working together to build autonomous robots and systems. We make extensive use of programmable Lego EV3 robots.


Dr Stuart Thomason
Department of Computer Science
University of Liverpool
Ashton Street
L69 3BX
United Kingdom

Feel free to contact me about any aspect of my academic work. I am always open to new collaborations, knowledge exchange, and enquiries from potential PhD candidates.